Affordable Medical Aid for Families

Finding an affordable medical aid is no easy task. The right medical aid is a matter of both price and benefits. There is no single scheme that can claim to be the best medical aid in South Africa. Each has different plans with different benefits at different prices. There is no denying that medical aid is expensive but it is often a necessity that one cannot do without, especially if you have a family.

Consider the cost of private health services – it is expensive for just one person. Now consider the cost for your entire family to see private doctors and be admitted to a private hospital. An affordable medical aid for families depends on what fits in easily into your budget but at the same time it has to adequately cover your family members with benefits that they need.


Cheapest Medical Aid for Students

Students may sometimes opt to take their own medical aid separately from parents, or at times are forced to resign from a parent’s medical aid. With limited resources at their disposal, students often search for the cheapest medical aid possible. However, it is important to realise that in South Africa there is no specific medical aid that is significantly cheaper than another yet offers the same benefit. In other words, it is not about cheap medical aid but more correctly about a cheaper medical aid plan. Foreign students who are studying in South Africa need to be aware that they are required to have medical aid cover. Sometimes they are misled into buying other forms of health insurance which is not a true medical aid.


Cheap Medical Aids in South Africa

As with any product or service, we are all looking for the best option at the cheapest price. However, cheap medical aid is actually a myth similar to the idea of the “best medical aid” in South Africa. The fact of the matter is that no medical aid is significantly cheaper or more expensive than another. There are cheaper and more expensive plans within every medical aid but this is due to the differences in benefits offered on each plan. Sometimes it is just a matter of common sense. If there was a cheap medical aid in South Africa then in all likelihood it would drive all other schemes out of the market. However, there is over 100 medical aids in existence in South Africa, about 30 of which are open to the general public and they are all doing fairly good business.