About Discovery Health

One of the most well known healthcare brands in South Africa, Discovery Health is today the largest medical scheme in the country. Discovery Health is only one wing of the Discovery Holdings, with the company having operating in the life assurance, investment, insurance and wellness markets. Discovery also has large stakes UK and US based health products and services. The company listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) in 1999.

Discovery Health is the Leader

Discovery Health’s popularity among South African medical aid members can be attributed to various different reasons. The medical scheme introduced some ground breaking products in the South African medical aid industry that gave its members more than just health cover. From cheaper flights, holiday accommodation and movie tickets to wellness programs including gym membership, South Africans had previously never been rewarded for taking responsibility for their health until Discovery Vitality came along.

Why Discovery Health?

Discovery Health is the largest open medical aid in the country meaning that any person can join the scheme. In total it manages 13 different medical aids, many of which are restricted schemes. Today Discovery Health covers some 2 million South Africans with its different medical aids. It is known for being one of the most financially secure schemes in the country with one of the best paying abilities of any scheme in South Africa.

Discovery Health Plans

Discovery Health offers close to 20 different plans divided into different series. At the top of rung is the Executive Series, an expensive plan that offers all the financial healthcare protection that any person or family would need. At the bottom end is the Key Care Series which still offers a fair degree of access to private healthcare yet is affordable for most people who traditionally could not afford medical aid cover. The other plans in between include the Comprehensive, Priority, Saver and Core series.

Contact Details

National Phone Number : +27 860 99 88 77

Cape Town : +27 21 527 1111
Durban : +27 31 576 7000
Johannesburg / Pretoria : +27 11 529 2888

Website : www.discovery.co.za

This is an independent write up on Discovery Health. It is not a paid review. We will not be held liable for an incorrect details or misuse of information in this article. Always refer to the Discovery Health website or call the scheme’s call centre for more information.

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    Im looking for a medical id for my son age 14 Diabetic , I just want him alone on medical aid please quote me

    1. Hi Michelle. Diabetes is covered by all medical schemes. He may be subject to a waiting period of 12 months since it is a pre-existing condition. Your son is a minor and there will have to be at least one adult on the medical aid as the main member.

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