About Bonitas

Bonitas Medical Aid is one of the well known names among South Africans. Having existed for 30 years, Bonitas was always respected as one of the best medical aids in the industry and the scheme of choice among restricted and open medical aids. Although it is no longer one of the main medical aids for government employees, having lost much of its members to GEMS, Bonitas still continues to be at the forefront of the industry amongst corporate workers and the self employed. It still boasts the membership of two parastatals amongst it member base – Telkom and Eskom.

Bonitas Survives The Change

Many medical aids have come and gone since the 1980s but Bonitas has grown into a strong brand and remains ahead of the rest. One of the biggest, Sanitas, did not weather changes in the past and much of its members was absorbed by Bonitas that was in a stronger financial position. Eventually Bonitas became the largest medical aid in South Africa and still holds a formidable position in the industry today. Although GEMS has cornered much of the government employees and Discovery Health is the largest open medical aid in South Africa, Bonitas is firmly seated as the second largest open scheme in the country. Administered by Medscheme, the country’s premier independent medical aid administrator, Bonitas is set to maintain its hold in the industry while smaller schemes gradually ebb away in coming years.

Bonitas Medical Aid Plans

Bonitas Medical Aid offers five plans to suit every budget.

  • BonComprehensive is the premium plan offering cover for up to 300% of the Bonitas rate.
  • BonEssential
  • BonSave
  • Standard
  • Primary is the budget plan on Bonitas.

Contact Details

Bonitas is currently administered by Medscheme.

Physical address
37 Conrad Drive
Florida North

Phone number
Customer Service : 0860 002 108


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