About Momentum Health

Momentum is one of the well known names in the South African insurance industry. It was established in 1966 and has offered financial services to South Africans for almost 50 years. Among its offerings is its medical aid, Momentum Health. Today Momentum Health is the third largest open medical aid in South African and can boast some 100,000 members. Its achievements as a medical aid was recognised as recently as 2012 when in won the award for being South Africa’s top healthcare administrator.

Momentum Health Breaking New Boundaries

Momentum Health has played a part in revolutionising the medical aid industry with some of its offerings. Gym membership and rewards programs are not new with medical aid these days as schemes compete for members. However, Momentum Health also offers its members the chance to earn cash back in its HealthReturns programme. These added benefits for staying healthy has brought Momentum Health on par with big players in the medical aid industry like Discovery Health, South Africa’s largest open scheme. With free health assessments and preventative scans among its benefits, Momentum Health ensures that it does not only care for its members during illness but also to help them maintain good health.

Momentum Health Plans

Momentum Health has 6 options to suit different budgets and medical needs. These options include :

  • Ingwe option is one of the budget options with access to practitioners and hospitals within the network.
  • Access option
  • Custom option
  • Incentive option
  • Extender option
  • Summit option is the premium plan with access to any hospital and no overall annual limit.

Contact Details

Postal address
PO Box 2338

Phone numbers
Tel : 0860 11 78 59
Cell : 082 235 0884


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  • Ingwe Option: I am looking for a medical Aid just for my two grandchildren [2 and 5 years old]. Day to Day and Hospital. Please help. Thank you

  • Iam looking for medical aid cover for my wife and i both over the age of 40 the cheapest option please

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